About me

Some would describe me as a hybrid amalgam of all the actors that have played Bond (with the exception of Dalton!), the looks of Craig, the smouldering sexuality of Connery, the suave and sophistication of Brosnan not to mention the pithy wit of Moore (his only quality as a Bond imo).
I then asked anyone other than our bathroom mirror the same question and the answers were slightly different, the dress sense of Moore, the clumsiness of Craig, the latent insecurity of Lasenby and the drinking problem of Connery, oh well – I prefer my version anyway.

Editors note for the benefit of the Wife: I have never seduced my secretary, my physiotherapist, Grace Jones, my Nemesis’s wife or girlfriend, anyone called Pussy or had sexual congress in a space shuttle.

Actually in the real world I work for a large corporate organisation based somewhere in the South of England, I love my job insofar as it makes me appreciate everything else I do. I am very happily (she reads this) married and inherited a cat alongside my Wife, one of them is neurotic, selfish, knock kneed and fickle      – the other one sh*ts in the kitchen – I’ll leave you to work it out!

  1. a so called friend says:

    Bond??? You are joking? We describe you as the villians…

    The looks of Blofeld, the physique of Goldfinger and the itelligence of Jaws!!! Along with an fettish for Nick Nack sized people..

  2. anon says:

    this is great, funny and so true – keep up the good work!

  3. Nik Nak says:

    No one told me the above news!

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